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Tuesday 17th August

Tuesday 17th August

Quarter Finals

Semi Finals

Tuesday 16th August


Flight 20
F20M1 (Repechage): Laverycheva -vs- Owen
F20M2 (Repechage): Martynova -vs- Riou
F20M3 (Repechage): Vennin -vs- Laaksonen

Flight 21
F21M1 (Repechage): Laverycheva -vs- Riou
F21M2 (Repechage): Vennin -vs- Bezel
F21M3 (Repechage): Owen -vs- Martynova

Flight 22
F22M1 (Repechage): Laaksonen -vs- Riou
F22M2 (Repechage): Owen -vs- Bezel
F22M3 (Repechage): Martynova -vs- Vennin

Flight 23
F23M1 (Repechage): Laaksonen -vs- Owen
F23M2 (Repechage): Riou -vs- Bezel
F23M3 (Repechage): Vennin -vs- Laverycheva

Flight 24
F24M1 (Repechage): Bezel -vs- Martynova
F24M2 (Repechage): Owen -vs- Vennin
F24M3 (Repechage): Laaksonen -vs- Laverycheva

Flight 25
F25M1 (Repechage): Riou -vs- Vennin
F25M2 (Repechage): Martynova -vs- Laaksonen
F25M3 (Repechage): Bezel -vs- Laverycheva

Flight 26
F26M1 (Repechage): Riou -vs- Owen
F26M2 (Repechage): Laverycheva -vs- Martynova
F26M3 (Repechage): Bezel -vs- Laaksonen

Wednesday 15th August

Round Robin

Flight 11
F11M1 (Round Robin): Courtois -vs- Vennin
F11M2 (Round Robin): Martynova -vs- Bezel
F11M3 (Round Robin): Kochkina -vs- Owen

Flight 12
F12M1 (Round Robin): Macgregor -vs- Laverycheva
F12M2 (Round Robin): Laaksonen -vs- Kochkina
F12M3 (Round Robin): Martynova -vs- Riou

Flight 13
F13M1 (Round Robin): Vennin -vs- Kochkina
F13M2 (Round Robin): Martynova -vs- Macgregor
F13M3 (Round Robin): Riou -vs- Laaksonen

Flight 14
F14M1 (Round Robin): Macgregor -vs- Vennin
F14M2 (Round Robin): Courtois -vs- Owen
F14M3 (Round Robin): Kochkina -vs- Martynova

Flight 15
F15M1 (Round Robin): Macgregor -vs- Laaksonen
F15M2 (Round Robin): Kochkina -vs- Palludan
F15M3 (Round Robin): Bezel -vs- Laverycheva

Flight 16
F16M1 (Round Robin): Palludan -vs- Courtois
F16M2 (Round Robin): Laaksonen -vs- Bezel
F16M3 (Round Robin): Owen -vs- Riou

Flight 17
F17M1 (Round Robin): Laverycheva -vs- Kochkina
F17M2 (Round Robin): Riou -vs- Vennin
F17M3 (Round Robin): Owen -vs- Macgregor

Flight 18
F18M1 (Round Robin): Laaksonen -vs- Courtois
F18M2 (Round Robin): Owen -vs- Bezel
F18M3 (Round Robin): Palludan -vs- Macgregor

Flight 19
F19M1 (Round Robin): Bezel -vs- Palludan

Tuesday 14th August

Round Robin

Flight 1
F1M1 (Round Robin): Bezel -vs- Macgregor
F1M2 (Round Robin): Martynova -vs- Laaksonen
F1M3 (Round Robin): Palludan -vs- Owen

Flight 2
F2M1 (Round Robin): Courtois -vs- Kochkina
F2M2 (Round Robin): Owen -vs- Martynova
F2M3 (Round Robin): Laaksonen -vs- Laverycheva

Flight 3
F3M1 (Round Robin): Kochkina -vs- Macgregor
F3M2 (Round Robin): Vennin -vs- Laaksonen
F3M3 (Round Robin): Riou -vs- Courtois

Flight 4
F4M1 (Round Robin): Bezel -vs- Kochkina
F4M2 (Round Robin): Laverycheva -vs- Palludan
F4M3 (Round Robin): Laaksonen -vs- Owen

Flight 5
F5M1 (Round Robin): Martynova -vs- Palludan
F5M2 (Round Robin): Riou -vs- Bezel
F5M3 (Round Robin): Laverycheva -vs- Vennin

Flight 6
F6M1 (Round Robin): Kochkina -vs- Riou
F6M2 (Round Robin): Vennin -vs- Palludan
F6M3 (Round Robin): Owen -vs- Laverycheva

Flight 7
F7M1 (Round Robin): Vennin -vs- Martynova
F7M2 (Round Robin): Macgregor -vs- Courtois
F7M3 (Round Robin): Palludan -vs- Laaksonen

Flight 8
F8M1 (Round Robin): Laverycheva -vs- Martynova
F8M2 (Round Robin): Macgregor -vs- Riou
F8M3 (Round Robin): Courtois -vs- Bezel

Flight 9
F9M1 (Round Robin): Vennin -vs- Owen
F9M2 (Round Robin): Riou -vs- Laverycheva
F9M3 (Round Robin): Courtois -vs- Martynova

Flight 10
F10M1 (Round Robin): Palludan -vs- Riou
F10M2 (Round Robin): Laverycheva -vs- Courtois
F10M3 (Round Robin): Bezel -vs- Vennin


  • Race office open on Monday 13 August at 09:00.
  • Registration from 1000 until 1800 on Monday 13 August.
  • Crew weighing from 1000 until 1800 on Monday 13 August.
  • Practice from 1100 until 1800 on Monday 13 August.

  • First briefing at 1800 on Monday 13 August.

  • First meeting with umpires immediately following the first briefing.

  • Opening Ceremony at 1800 on Tuesday 14 August.

  • Racing days from August 14 to 18.

  • Time of the first race each day will be 1000.

  • The latest time for an attention signal on the last day of racing will be approximately 1500.

  • Daily press conference approximately 60 minutes after the last race of each day.

  • Prize giving on date at 1700 on Saturday 18 August.

Unless excused by the OA, attendance at the following is mandatory

  • Initial briefing, for skippers.

  • Daily briefing, for skippers.

  • Daily press conferences, for skippers sailing that day.

  • Prize giving for all skippers and crews.